Re-Stain and Re-Seal Your Deck

Stained DeckNow that summer is nearly over and you are no longer hosting outdoor barbecues, its time to consider staining and/or sealing your deck. Its important to take care of your deck especially if you got a lot of use out of it during the summer months. Your deck’s color and sealant will fade over time depending on a mix of a few variables; the amount of exposure to sunlight, rain, hail, snow, and the amount of overall human activity. In order to protect your deck and your home’s exterior from the elements and keep it looking great, we recommend properly re-staining and re-sealing your deck every 1-2 years.

Early fall is the best time of year to re-seal and re-stain your deck for a few reasons. The first is your deck is not getting the same amount of use it was during the spring and summer. It is also best to tackle your deck before the leaves begin to fall all over your deck and your yard. This makes for a much easier cleanup. Lastly it is important that whenever you do decide to re-seal or re-stain your deck that that temperature is over 50 degrees so that the sealant and stain can set and cure properly. This is ensures maximum water protection.

Sealing and staining your deck right now will protect your deck from those New England winters. Plus you will not have to worry about it during the spring and you can enjoy your deck as soon as the weather turns nice, so you can get back at it hosting outdoor parties and barbecues. So call Byrne’s Painting, for your exterior repaint and deck maintenance needs. We have the tools and experience to make your deck look as good as new!