Getting started on an Interior Repaint

Interior Re-PaintYou have decided that you want to get started on an interior repaint for your next home improvement project. Your first major decision is to decide whether you are going to do it yourself or seek professional help. Make an informed decision on whether or not to hire professional painters to get your job done right the first time.

Painting certain areas can be tricky and can put the painter in very uncomfortable positions for an extended period of time. If you are comfortable on a ladder painting away for hours then by all means do it yourself, but if not professional help is the way to go. We have the experience and endurance to withstand any interior repaint project!

Accidents can happen when painting. If you are worried about a ladder falling through a window or breaking something inside your house, or overspray from spray from a spray gun getting on you car, boat, driveway or pets, you may want to consider a professional. We are insured painters and have you covered. More importantly however, we have the experience, conscientiousness and techniques to prevent these common “DIY” accidents.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the final product. We pride ourselves on being exceedingly conscientious, thorough, and neat and can get an even coating on all your walls without getting paint on anything except for the walls the you wanted painted. Please call us for an estimate on a professional, neat, efficient interior repaint.

At Byrne’s Painting we primarily use high quality Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore products, but we’re always happy to use alternative quality paint products if you request. So call Byrne’s Painting today for your next interior repaint!