Picking a Paint Color

Color SelectionCongratulations, you have decided that that you’re going to go forward with your home improvement project and you are going to repaint the interior of your home. Now the question becomes, “what colors am I going to paint my home?” Choosing colors for specific rooms can be a daunting task for anyone. Hopefully after reading this blog you will have a better idea on how to attack each room.

So where should you begin? It’s always easiest to begin by choosing the colors schemes for the major common rooms of your home such as the entryway, living room and kitchens first and then choosing accent colors for your private rooms such as bedrooms, baths, offices and dens. When deciding on a particular color, one strategy is to pick your favorite piece of furniture, rug, painting or picture you have or would like to put in that particular room and choose colors that compliment that particular object. Your home could look slightly off if you paint your walls red and your favorite chair is green. So choose a color that works with your favorite chair.

Another way to get started is to pick one of your favorite colors or a color that looks good on you. If you wear a lot of red clothing and you feel confident and comfortable in red, then go for red! Your homes interior should reflect who you are and what you feel comfortable in. Different shadings and hues of a specific color scheme can give your home a well balanced feel.

For more ideas and inspiration you can check out color picking tools like those put out by Sherwin Williams and other paint makers. Some even let you upload a photo of your home to ‘try on’ colors!