Interior Paint Job for Graduation Parties?

repaint for graduation party

The end of the school year is fast approaching (and for some, already here!). For some of us that means that our children are graduating from school. If your child still has the teddy bear wallpaper from when they were an infant it may be time to consider a graduation repaint. Or perhaps you are hosting a graduation party for your child and you would like to have a fresh feel around your home. Consider a fresh interior paint job. An interior repaint can bring that brand new feeling and appearance back to your home, instantly making it more attractive, clean, fresh and beautiful while increasing the home’s value. Nothing improves the appearance of the interior of your home better than a fresh re-painting. At Byrne’s Painting we can handle any situation and get the job done right and quickly the first time around.

You can expect our painting team to arrive promptly and begin by moving and covering your furniture. All fixtures will be removed from the walls. Your floors will be covered with wall-to-wall drop cloths to protect the rest of your home. Surfaces will be scuffed or sanded as needed, and holes and cracks will be filled, gaps in the trim will be caulked. All surfaces will be washed as needed. Surfaces will be primed and properly painted with your choice of color with your satisfaction guaranteed. We want your child’s graduation to be a special moment in his or her life and when we finish, the inside of your home will help you feel the part. You will be proud to show off the beauty of your home to your guests for the graduation party.