Painting for New Construction

20140117_123812When hiring new construction painter, you want someone who will give your new home the attention it deserves. New construction painting has particular requirements that differ from other interior home painting jobs. Byrne’s Painting offers a paint job that will highlight new construction. We aim to make your new house as visually appealing as possible, to improve how people see your home.

With new construction painting, it is imperative that a quality paint job does not impede other construction work, and leaves the home looking completely pristine.  After taking necessary precautions with doors, floors, windows and holes, we will paint your ceilings, walls, individual doors, and trim. We touch up any spots that need it and carefully paint any new fixtures or additions you have in your living space. Our experienced painters are ready to give you the right brand and shade for your location, and we are eager to work with you to ensure you’re getting the right look for your new construction project.

Our process includes:

  • Cleaning the space, removing doors, caulking and filling, and covering all windows.
  • Spraying on a coat of primer and sanding.
  • Spraying and rolling the final color on.
  • Once other tradespeople are finished, we return to do final touch-ups and additions.
  • Final walk through with the homeowner.

If you’re in need of a new construction painter that you can trust to maintain your vision for your home, trust Byrne’s Painting to come prepared with quality paints to match what you want. Be sure you know what to expect for your home. We provide a cost-effective, efficient means of painting your new construction. Contact us to get started and we will work with other contractors to produce an end result that is clean, professional, and of the highest quality.